Twenty-four hour team relay racing highlights the sportsmanship, camaraderie and gritty, hard-core fun that have been hallmarks of mountain bike racing from the very beginning. Invented in 1992 in the USA, these events were designed from the ground-up to appeal to the mountain biker's keen sense of fun. For the racers, these events are some of the most memorable experiences of their lives. For the fans and spectators, they are sports spectacles rivalling anything they have ever seen or done.
Omni-Motion is proud to present the biggest and best 24 hour mountain bike team relay races in Africa since 1999.

Entry Fees cover the following:
Event entry
24-Hour Energy Drinks station
Medical assistance
Camping Facilities
Race Pack full of goodies
Charging station for batteries
Prizes, give aways, entertainment etc.
Experience the unique spirit of 24-Hour racing
Medal to all winners